Monday, November 08, 2021

MINUTES 2021 09 21

 Minutes from Sept 21/2021 Meeting

Coureurs de Bois Elliot Lake


Meeting called to order at 7 pm.  9 members present.


Meetings of previous meeting were approved by Astrid T, second by Jean-Guy. Carried.



Presidents Report -


-Gerry J. is a certified Hike Leader Trainer.  (We hope to have Sirje P. and Steve C., to get qualified as well.). We are holding another Hike Leader Training Course for those interested.

-We are looking at connecting the section of the VTA trail that is currently impassable connected through a better route (Airport - Esten Lake - Spragge would be the new route). We need to scout this out, and then submit to the VTA for approval.  The current map on the VTA site can easily be changed as they are digital.

-the entire section of our VTA trail portion has been cleared

-Red Briffett Trail has a new picnic table installed at the top of the Lookout.

-We are hoping to have the x-country ski trail at Spine Beach renamed theRejean Cyr Trail.  We are submitting it to the city and hoping for approval.

-it is time for some new Executive Members, voting is at the Nov/2021 Meeting.


Vice-Presidents Report


The last event we had before the lockdown was our annual Christmas Cookout (December 2020) at Horne Lake.  It was a smaller group than usual, but always fun.  Thanks to those who organized the event.  We are planning to hold it again this year.

Winterfest 2021 was cancelled.


Trail Masters Report-


Lots of trails were cleared this year.  Lots of work by our Trailmasters’ Nicki and Gerry J, and Jim and Sue M.  Thanks to those who volunteered their time to help clear. 


Financial Report -


The financial report since January 2020 was approved by Jean-Guy, 2nd by Tim B., carried.


Shared Use Trail Meeting


The city has gotten a new groomer for the x-country ski club


New Business -


-Sheila H. Reports that the Annual Christmas Party will not be held this year.

-Heber to give a presentation on the Gaia” app.  It is a free download and maps out your route when you hike a trail.  He plans to present this at our next meeting.

-Astrid T. Reports that Ondago” is used on the VTA site to digitally download specific sections of the trail (our section of the VTA trail has not been uploaded yet).  Free access to club members.  The printed VTA trail book is no longer available although we have one new copy still for sale. ($30)

-Highway Clean-up is scheduled for Oct 6/2021, rain date Oct 12/2021.

-David N. made a motion that people coming out for hikes/trail clearing need to be double vaccinated.  Jean-Guy approves, 2nd by Astrid.  Carried.

-Chuck is organizing a senior hike to be held on Thursdays @ 1pm.  Check the calendar for details.


Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 pm.

Next Meeting at the Clubhouse on Nov 16/2021 at the Clubhouse (near the Rod and Gun Club north of town) @ 7 pm.


Minutes prepared by Jackie S.