Thursday, April 28, 2022

CHUTES 2022 04 28

 15 hikers joined Dave at Chutes Park today for a walk along the full flood Sable river. Ignoring the map, he followed the sound to the first cataract through the high trees and sunshine.. the stairs were boarded up for the winter so we slithered down beside the stairs to the lookout.

Massive amounts of water are pouring down the gorge. Some branches still have ice clinging to them from the spray.   

Continuing up river for about a km, we arrived at another cataract and enjoyed the sight and sound of the rapids. Then a foot bridge crossing and a slight climb over to the large cascade.  We stopped for snack/lunch on the sunny bank and watched half of us strip down a layer to bask  in the sun.

Another more challenging part of the hike with rougher terrain and hilly forest trail led to the final viewing from the east side of the river.

Retracing our steps, crossing the river, through the camp grounds and back to the cars..  Beautiful spot, best weather, no bugs, wonder company... makes a superlative day..