Thursday, May 12, 2022

PORCUPINE 2022 05 12

After slathering DEET on ourselves we set off to conquer the Fire Tower Hill via the Porcupine Trail. The bugs soon found us and we were grateful for the occasional breeze as we clambered along. We marveled at the sudden appearance of green that seemed to be popping up all around us – a sure sign that spring has really and truly arrived. At the top we met a friendly fellow with a big camera, who said he was thinking of moving to Elliot Lake and was interested in hiking. Naturally we took the opportunity to do some quick but enthusiastic promotion of our club!   

We took the Trans Canada Trail down, enjoying the fine views along the way, and completed the loop through the Lacnor Mine site. Two of us decided to extend the hike by continuing east along the mine road to Dumbell Lake, where we stopped for a break at a scenic little spot that just begs to be camped on …

It was a good workout and we all enjoyed ourselves.