Saturday, May 14, 2022


 Sue led 11 around semiwhite creek trail in the park this morning.  It was a  hot day but we were in the woods and shade most of the time. Arbutus was out in force. The team was also trail clearing and with the numbers and implements of mass destruction, we made short work of most of the encroachments.  There were  side trips to views of the creek as it tumbled it's way down to a lake. 

We stopped at the beach/boat launch for water and snack and to allow the women to ridicule the men for a bit.

Then, enjoying the fruits of our labour we reversed direction and followed the newly manicured trail back to the cars. about 5 kms in total.

Heber has the tools in tip top condition.. some were donated in rough shape and one such pair of loppers was voted best of kind..

Good way to spend the morning and the first coffee after was nirvana...

Thanks to all those that drove