Thursday, May 19, 2022

THREE LAKES 2022 05 19

 Twas a foggy morning with a slight  chill in the air.  After updating each other about the price of gas, politics and the significance of this Victoria Day weekend

our merry crew of five set out from Washington Snow Dump. 

 We started up Big Burl hill to the Woodpecker Trail System.  There are quite a few burls on yellow birch and some coniferous trees in that area.
True to the name we heard and saw evidence of piliated woodpeckers throughout the trails

. Our first  stop was the lookout over Slipper Lake.  We then headed to a point on Crystal Lake with a clear view of the smooth cliffs at the portage. We found a cedar tree growing out of a mossy erratic along that trail. 

Lunch was at the portage between Angel and Crystal Lakes.  

The trail brought us to Pet Cemetery Hill down to the shore of Slipper Lake and back to our vehicles.

Bugs were not bad. Trailing Aarbutus, pink corydalis and bush cucumber are out. 

A good day to be out.