Saturday, June 04, 2022

HIDDEN 2022 06 04

 Seven of us  set out for a hike along the south shore of Hidden Lake. That trail had been tracked and red flagged in winter 

It was full of different types of peat moss,  lady slippers,  ferns, mayflowers blue beads lilys and many other shrubs.
From across the lake we could see our lunch spot on a point of land covered with towering red and white pines.  Some hikers were concerned that they would have to swim across. They were relieved to hear that there was another trail that would lead us there without us getting wet. 

The trail along the west side of Hidden Lake had  small mauve flowers called  gay wings here and there. We also found an empty  loon egg that had been broken open and  brought into the bush  Perhaps the work of a raccoon??? Jury is still out.