Saturday, June 18, 2022

RAINBOW RIDGE 2022 06 18

 12 hikers and a thousand mosquitos left the parking area east of the golf course and headed up hill towards Rainbow ridge.  Around Ryan lake and on up the Trans Canada Trail for a good long climb. With the odd rest to stop gasping, we noticed lots of bunch berry, trefoil and lady slippers.   A mother grouse tried to flutter and lead us away from her peeping chicks but I kept he crew on the crooked and narrow. We left the TCT and went west to the lookout over two small lakes, ringed with black spruce.. played with an inch worm for a bit and had a snack in the sunshine and breeze n the ridge. We spotted some hills on far away Manatoulin Island.

Back downhill on the city trail, skirting some blowdowns, to the southwest of Ryan lake.  Hugging the shore where possible we made it back to the TCT trail and so back to our cars.. 

2.5 hours round trip.  killed a passle of flies, drank my water and led 12 hikers safely back.. Sue was sweep and kept the line in order all day..