Tuesday, July 05, 2022

LITTLE QUIRKE 2022 07 05

Four waterproof hikers made the short trek from Panel Mine Road to Little Quirke via Duthorne Lake. The rain had stopped by the time we got to the trail, but the forest was lush and wet and the trail slightly treacherous with slippery rocks underfoot. We walked through clumps of ferns that almost obscured the trail in places. Conversation turned to wildlife, and how bear bells actually alert bears that there’s slow moving food in the area. It didn’t seem to comfort anyone when the hike leader pointed out that there has never been a bear attack on groups larger than four…


Swarms of bugs followed us the whole way and kept us progressing at a brisk pace. Their constant buzzing combined with birdsong was our soundtrack for the day. We rested briefly at Little Quirke and returned by the same route, wet but rejuvenated!