Saturday, August 27, 2022

HELENS TRAIL 2022 08 27

 Dave led 11 hikers, (2 visitors to E.L.) out to Stanrock road and down Helen's trail - undulating trail through deep bush, a couple of water crossings, up a few small hills and along some rocky ridges... mushrooms season is starting. It was fine  weather for hiking, sunny and a breeze.. car pooled to the start and with Camilla sweeping, moved along to the campsite for a break. We went out to the ridge and followed the 150 trail to visit the large pudding stone boulder. On to the overlook at Northspan lake for lunch.  On the return trip we skipped the side trips and delved into the deep woods, shade and breeze were welcome... managed to be back by 1 pm... needs some clearing attention with saws...