Monday, August 22, 2022

JAKES LAKE 2022 08 18

 Seven hikers started from the Porridge Lake Trailhead on Esten Dr North and headed to Jake's Lake on ELATV 2. Along the way we got to practice our Hike Ontario Road Crossing Technique as we crossed Pearson Ave and then Scott Rd.!! 

We saw a couple of tributes left to commemorate someone's special friend. In one case a large boulder had several messages painted on it. In another one a bottle with a dried flower arrangement with a message was tied to a trail sign.

Ravens followed us partway along the trail. Not too many other signs of animals other than fresh bear tracks !!!
The water was low in the swamp and in Jake's Lake. 

Pim had made an A frame for a camp shelter on a rocky ledge where we had our lunch break. It is similar to rhe A frame structure at Pim's camp on Slipper Lake.
A hot humid day required us to stop frequently in the shade and take sips of water.