Tuesday, August 23, 2022

PORRIDGE 2022 08 23

Sweet Sixteen Hikers or Sixteen Sweet Hikers??? braved the hot, humid weather and completed a 6 km trek partway around Porridge Lake. 
Fall flowers like Tansy, Evening Primrose , Chicory , Touch me nots,  Indian Pipes and several new plants such as  Napweed shared their gorgeous colors with us.
The ATV 1 trail was challenging with its steep hills and loose rocks. The leader demonstrated how to land if anyone happened to fall!! 
A sharp eyed hiker spied the entrance to Porridge Lake Trail off ATV 1. 
The different park benches set along the trail provided welcome resting spots to view the lake.
We had lunch at a picnic table set higher  on a hill above the trail and then followed the shore back to our vehicles parked at the Porridge Lake Trail on  Esten Dr North.

We finished in time to miss the much warmer and muggier afternoon!!