Thursday, September 08, 2022

MINK LAKE 2022 09 08

 What a glorious day for a hike in the late summer forest! 

Seven of us  left Spine Beach heading west along the lower Ski Trail to the first loop and up to the Upper Ski Trail and west to Mink Lake. 

The rich aromas and sight of  fall asters and  golden rod, Indian Cucumber added to the tinge of colour in the trees.

 We  stopped and marveled at the magic of  seed pods from jewel weed which exploded with a light touch.

Discussion topics included a trip to Misery Bay on Manitoulin Island, ice cream ,  to ways to grow garlic, to decisions about end of life!!

We rock hopped around the east end of Mink  Lake . Driftwoo
d had been fashioned into amazing shapes  by wind and wave action.  

Lunch was further down the shoreline of Mink Line. We sat on logs and shared some pretzels!

Along the way we were amazed by the  huge  contorted root systems that had been pushed over by the force of previous  wind storms

10 km on a hot sunny late summer day encouraged most of us to go for a swim afterwards.