Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snowshoe Trail

Thanks to Paula, Pim & Scott for the reports and pictures.

A large group of people - twenty-three - went out on a sunny November 12 to visit a ghost town, the former mining town of Quirke Lake near the Quirke Lake 1 Mine. Coming in through the back way, we explored an abandoned railroad from Quirke Lake 2 Mine, town streets, former residential lots, remnants from somebody's garden, and a lunch break at the river behind a one-time residence. Pim Delfgou

Grant Lead 22 Hikers through a well Cleaned, & Cleared Snowshoe Trail, but several Wet Areas to By Pass. With the Help of Jean - Guy, who gave us a History Lesson of the Area, by Showing Us 2 Old
Garden Plots, that belonged to a Trailer Park, back during the Mining Days, in the Old Quirke 1 Mine Site Area. We also came upon the Old Rail Bed. Lunch was held at 2 Shore Line Areas, by Splitting up the Group. Scott Hellman.

At the rail bed

Serpent river


Hungry whisky jack