Tuesday, May 03, 2022

BEAVER MNT 2022 05 03

 9 followed Jean Guy around the red trail at the sanctuary (much) to get a running start at Beaver Mountain. The beaver have dammed the creek so it is higher.. quite a few new nest boxes were spotted and a couple of new benches.. we crossed the road and headed up the trail to the top of Beaver mtn. It is in pretty good shape for the winter we had. Wet rocks and mossy clumps made us pay attention to the footing. Some leaf buds were out and I noticed that the striped maple leaf buds look like pussy willows at the moment.

The view over Sherriff creek and the wetlands gave way to glimpses of Elliot lake as we neared the summit. Puffing a bit, we arrived at the top for a break, only to be treated to a chorus of calls and a few fly-bys by a pair of osprey.. below us.. Magic.