Monday, May 02, 2022

SPINE 2022 05 02

 5 of us braved the threat and headed out  in the mist to Spine Beach.. ( named after the part that gets damaged driving that road) A leisurely Monday walk through the tall forest trail with boardwalks and even a few squelchy spots.  Lots of downed trees from last season's blows still impressively lurking beside the trail. red squirrels scolded us for disturbing its way.  Lots of bufflehead and merganser ducks on the water. a flock of geese at Westview park, tantalizing the dogs.

Moss is showing signs of life, maples are budding, pussy willows are out, birds are courting...  and I am getting my legs back after the covid/sore knee hiatus 

As leader I got to tell 3 of my best jokes