Thursday, June 23, 2022

SENIORS 2022 06 23

On a not too muggy, sunny Thursday afternoon 10 hikers started from the Esten Dr North entrance to the Porridge Lake Trail. 

People enjoyed rhe cool air under the tree canopy. Most trees were hemlock, pine or cedar along the shore. Some  yellow birch trees had burls,  roots that looked like T -Rex feet  from Jurassic Park and   maybe some chaga! 
We kept looking up into the trees  to  see if a bear was taking a siesta in the large branches. No luck. But some day.....

We stopped at Fox Drive and saw where the City had been doing some excavation recently. We turned back after seeing where the Porridge Lake Trail heads back to  parrallel Hwy 108.   We enjoyed a snack break at the turn off to a new trail.  That  trail was lead us through  deciduous trees . We saw where people sometimes tap maples for the sap to make maple syrup. Lots of erratic rocks were visible through the bush. There was a group of flat sided slabs of rock that had broken off a larger erratic along the trail. Looked almost like they had been  precision cut.  We followed this trail  through stands of wild roses, yellow and orange hawkweed , crown vetches, lupins and  tansies back to our vehicles.  A  good leisurely stroll for a Thursday afternoon