Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 First day of summer brought temperatures worthy of the season, and the mosquitos too.  Six hikers set out in spite of the heat and the expected hordes of biters, armed with plenty of water, bug spray and bug netting.

The trail is in great shape but the chest high ferns and assorted flora have certainly encroached onto the trail, adding a slight challenge to seeing the trail.  At least one large moose seems to find our trail very handy for moving through the area though. Our pace was steady and fairly brisk, mostly to try to keep the 'skitters from biting. An amazing app helped identify many of the various flowers along the way, and confirm that bunch flowers are not trilliums (although they do resemble our provincial flower).
A wonderful breeze made our break by the river quite enjoyable, before we headed back into the woods to finish our walk. A lovely summer hike with lively conversation, some good laughs and beautiful country. I give a big thumbs up for the bug net.  I am personally certain that it saved me many bites and hours of itchiness.