Wednesday, June 22, 2022


 8 robust alpha dogs rounded up at the Monument and lugged saws, pruners and other sharp nasty implements out on the blue trail to clear up some blowdowns today.

Heber, Tim, Julie B, Sue, Tom, Walt, Don, and David sawed , lopped, broke, chopped, grabbed and pulled our little hearts out. We cleared an old cedar that had been on the trail so long, a path was worn down into the mud as a get around.. then carefully negotiating the loose rock part of the trail we started the climb to the lookout. Passing the last big blowdown log of some 30 inches we came to our challenge.
A large (28 inch) pine had snapped off 20 feet in the air and crashed down across the trail. Taking with it a poplar and a cedar both about 12-14 inch diameter. Lots of tangled branches that had to be removed before Heber could use the big saw. The chips flew and sappers hauled the debris away for a good hour.
As an exclamation point Heber cut two seats on the log ends and we enjoyed a quick water break.
No MOSSIES.... they don't like the hot weather..
good day to clear and a great work crew.. much better than the sum of the parts...