Monday, July 11, 2022


 Good morning C de B,

On Tuesday morning I will leave Elliot Lake to relocate in Sackville, New Brunswick where I will commit to the work of being a loving daughter, caring sister, and supportive auntie. I have not ever made family a number one priority in my life and I believe it is high time I did.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the warm send off I received last evening. I appreciate the kind words, cards, and gas money more than you know. Thank you, as well, to all the hikers I have met through Coureurs des Bois for sharing your vast knowledge, life stories, and quick wit (most of which I was the last to get) on the trails. Not only am I leaving you a physically healthier version of my self, but through the club I have challenged a lifetime of shyness and completed tasks (like leading hikes) that I never thought possible before. I thank you for your patience and understanding when that shyness and quiet came across as aloof or unfriendly.

There are so many who do so much to ensure Coureurs des Bois is a thriving entity providing a supportive social quilt for both new comers and long time residents. I have received a tangible "thank you" for the small contribution I made because I am moving on. But please remember to express gratitude lavishly to one another as you continue the work of the club. To the Executive, bloggers, hike leaders, trail clearers, social event planners and meeting attenders ... every investment you make, transforms lives like mine. Keep at it - it matters so much!
Have a fantastic summer on the trails and in the lakes! Julie Burton (ok, ok, Julianne)