Saturday, July 23, 2022

PASSION LAKE 2022 07 23

 Six hot and sweaty hikers completed the 9 km trek from Hwy 639 to Passion Lake and back. The route followed an ATV track and was fairly easy, except for some sections that were rutted and overgrown with grass where we had to watch our step. The deer flies were pretty bad, but luckily Dave was kind enough to draw them away from the rest of the group and he did a fantastic job! We saw some bear and moose tracks, but no actual creatures other than insects, frogs and a few birds. Jackie did her best to educate the botanically challenged among us by identifying various plants along the trail. We also saw some interesting puddingstone rocks and a giant ant hill right next to the trail.

We passed several side trails heading in the direction of Samreid Lake. They were too wet to hike, but we figured they could be good snowshoe trails. We’ll have to wait to find out …

We stopped for lunch where the trail skirts the south end of Passion Lake. This is a beautiful spot and would make a fine campsite: open and shady with a nice breeze and view of the lake. We lingered there for a while and none of us wanted to leave. 

Visions of ice cream and air conditioning kept us going on the return trip. We made it back to the cars 3.5 hours after we’d started, parched but proud of ourselves!