Monday, July 25, 2022

SCOTTS WOODS 2022 07 25

 Maret led 10 hikers through trails behind Mississauga Ave.  It was a good thing she knows the area well as we seemed to pass intersecting trails about every 50 meters or so.  The footing was good and the trails were well trodden. Eventually we got to the clearing at the power lines and stopped for a snack.  Clearly this wooded area has been a kids playground in the past as there was evidence of by-gone tree forts and tree climbing ladders on several of the huge old trees. We came upon a plaque dedicating an area to “Scott” who had loved the area for years ( thus the name of this hike) .   The length was perfect for a Monday hike as well and the two newer hikers enjoyed the experience.   Well done Maret.