Thursday, July 14, 2022

SHERRIFF MTN 2022 07 14

A slightly masochistic group of fab five tackled the Sherriff Mountain challenge. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot, as we eagerly set off on the steep climb straight up the mountain. Despite a few slips and scrambles, we made it to the top in no time. As we hiked along the ridge, we enjoyed a series of spectacular views, culminating in a near 360-degree panorama at the summit. We rested there for a while, soaking in the peaceful atmosphere and sampling from the abundant harvest of blueberries, although the gourmands among us thought they needed another week to reach peak perfection. The presence of bear scat here and there showed that we were not the only ones to have so partaken…

 Then began the descent down the other side of the mountain. Thanks to the surefooted hike leader, whose unerring instinct was on full display as he quickly found the perfect route, we made it down with no trouble at all …

 Ok, ok … After much scouting, during which mutiny seemed imminent, we finally managed to bushwack down the mountain without anyone suffering injury or trauma, although one hiker kissed the ground and offered up a prayer upon safely reaching the road (sorry Walt!).

 Anyway, the rest of the hike to Sherriff Lake was a breeze, although we did collectively lose steam during the last stretch as we trudged along Milliken Mine Road in full sun. 

 All in all, it was a grand adventure and a testament to the human spirit!