Monday, September 19, 2022

CANMET 2022 09 19

A dozen hikers trekked from Canmet snow dump to the small lake behind Burley Park under blue skies. We followed an ATV trail for the most part and then a lovely trail through the woods to the rocks on the far side of the lake.

Popped the seed pods of a plant similar to touch-me-nots - the fun never gets old. Saw a heron fly over the marsh, a stand of bamboo, bullrushes taller than us and a cluster of small black and red beetles that resembled ladybugs. Some discussion of how turtle eggs ended up outside of a burrow high up on the rock.
A side trail to the opposite side of the lake, then back to where we started from. Kudos to the clean-up efforts of our group - we filled 3 bags with trash from along our route.
A terrific day to  be out with a great group of friends.