Sunday, September 18, 2022


 Please note Pizza at 6:30  meeting starts 7pm

Coureurs de Bois

Agenda Sept. 20, 2022

1Welcome introductions and thanks, 

approval of minutes :corrections, additions,

3 treasurers report

4 VP report absent

5 Trail master report/requests, 

6 hike leaders meetings. 

7 Business arising?

8 new business


New Vice President

Executive and by-laws to be voted on in November (AGM.)

Thanks for the potluck.

Trans Canada Trail

highway cleaning project

Chuck – senior hikes

By-laws and constitution.

Car pooling, gas costs and contributions

June pot luck at Westview/ review

E.L.R.L Grant.

Vacine mandate

sale of large chain saw.

New lock for tool shed, key control..

membership dues.

Snow shoes, time to order, fee for long term use, damage repair.

Certified leader renewal.

New chainsaw certified members.

C de B crest update

next meeting November..

everyone heard?

closing and thanks.