Monday, November 20, 2023

DENISON MINE RD 2023 11 20

 Monday,  Nov 20  was a bright, brisk beautiful day for a leisurely walk .

Fourteen of us bundled ourselves against the -5 C temperature and set off from the bird feeders station at Denison Mine Rd.  Off we headed through red pine plantations. Here and there we could see a few brave little cedar, spruce and balsam trees.  

We saw the Serpent River at a dam which  beavers had constructed. A short walk along the main trail brought us to another vantage point on the riverbank where we could see many poplar trees chomped down by beavers.  Their lodge was in a little bend in the river.

We hiked up through hills and hollows covered by  maples, birch and poplar to the "Enigmatic Erratic". 

We descended the ridge to a trail that was bordered with natural bird feeders ie flat rocks and large logs to another spot on the Serpent River.9 The huge  Denison Berm was visible across the river from our lunch spot. 

Participants saw chickadees,  nuthatches, blue jays and some evening grosbeaks along the trails and at the feeder stations.  

We hiked about 4 kilometers in total.